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Published 30 August 2017

TSO Reliability Management: a probabilistic approach for better balance between reliability & costs

The WEBINAR COURSE was held on  2 Oct 2017 @ 14:00 CEST

Duration: 1h


This webinar presented the probabilistic approach to reliability management developed by the collaborative project GARPUR (www.garpur-project.eu) involving the TSOs of 7 European countries.

The reliability management methodology developed and tested by GARPUR aims at a better balance between reliability and cost, by taking into account the weather-dependent probabilities of system component failures and the expected cost of service interruption to the end users.

The webinar briefly recalled the key components of the methodology developed, presented the results of the different pilot tests conducted in 2017, and concluded on the main recommendations built upon the project findings.


- Louis Wehenkel (University of Liège)
- Guðjón Hugberg (LANDSNET)
- Pascal Tournebise (RTE)
- Arnaud Vergnol (ELIA)
- Mathias Hofmann (STATNETT)

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