GARPUR Final Conference: Presentations available for download!

Published 23 October 2017

Great attendance at the GARPUR final event held in Brussels on 17-18 October 2017! 

The participants got an overview of the new approach to reliable and affordable electricity supply in Europe developed by the GARPUR consortium. This new approach uses probability and risk to allow power systems to operate closer to their optimum.

The slides presented at the GARPUR final conference held in Brussels on 17-18 October 2017 are now available for download. The videos of these presentations are coming soon!

For an overview of the programme please click here.

Download Presentations Day 1:

  1. Overview of the project, Oddbjørn Gjerde, Research Manager and  Coordinator of GARPUR, SINTEF
  2. Development of new reliability criteria Efthymios Karangelos, Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Liege
  3. Socio-economic assessment of reliability criteria ,   Fridrik Már Baldursson, Professor,  Reykjavik University
  4. System Operation: Methods and lessons learnt from pilot tests Irís Baldursdóttir, Vice President, Landsnet
  5. System Operation: Key results, migrations & validation,   Pascal Tournebise, R&D Engineer, RTE
  6. Asset Management: Methods and next steps,   Rémy Clement, R&D Engineer, RTE
  7. System Development: Methods and lessons learnt from pilot tests Arnaud Vergnol, Power System Planner, Elia
  8. Benefits of a probabilisitc approach in a real system development study , Simon Weizenegger, Analyst, Statnett
  9. Presentation of the  GARPUR Quantification Platform Frederik Geth, Researher, KU Leuven
  10. Testing the functionality of the GQP Pascal Tournebise, R&D Engineer, RTE
  11. Wrap-up: Further R&I challenges in reliability management - Introduction,   Louis Wehenkel, Professor and Scientific Advisor of GARPUR, University of Liege

Download Presentations Day 2

  1. Introduction to GARPUR and the probabilistic approach,   Oddbjørn Gjerde, Research Manager and Coordinator of GARPUR, SINTEF
  2. Socio-economic approach in GARPUR and examples for the impact of GARPUR approach , Gerd Kjølle, Chief Scientist, SINTEF / GARPUR
  3. Experience, results and recommendations for TSOs, Irís Baldursdóttir , Vice President, Landsnet / GARPUR
  4. Transition roadmap: How can Europe move forward? Manoël Rekinger, Project & Innovation Management, Elia

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